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Located in Taiwan since 1975, HSING CHAU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of wireless networking components for network installation and maintenance. Their main network infrastructure and connectivity solutions include, UTP Component, keystone jacks, patch panels, patch cords, modular connectors, RJ45 couplers, wall outlets and faceplates, twisted pair cables, and USB couplers supporting advanced 802.3bt 100W 4PPoE, certified under IEC-60512-99-002, ideal for wholesale buyers who require the latest networking technology.

Enhance your network with HCI's world-class B2B solutions. Our U.S.-certified and patented Keystone Jacks, Patch Panels, and Patch Cords ensure superior quality. Ideal for global business buyers, our Taiwan-made RJ45 couplers and twisted pair cables offer unmatched reliability and performance for bulk purchases. HCI offers unmatched performance in networking hardware. Improve your business connectivity with our trusted, high-quality products.

HCI has been offering customers ETL certified patch panels since 1975, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, HCI ensures each customer's demands are met.

UTP Component


UTP Component - UTP Keystone Jacks under Connecting Hardware Tests
UTP Keystone Jacks under Connecting Hardware Tests

In this segment, you will come across HCI Unshielded Component-Rated Keystone Jacks. They are available in various shapes and types.

  • 180-degree / 90-degree
  • Shuttered / Unshuttered
  • Toolless / Punch down
Why Unshielded?

Unshielded Keystone Jacks provide cost advantages, as the UNSHIELDED is reasonably priced, especially when excluding the expenses associated with a costly metal shell or die-casting. This cost-effectiveness extends to the entire deployment, encompassing both the cable and grounding/bonding. However, these cost considerations are not the only factors to take into account.

In contrast, when dealing with shielded keystone jacks, careful attention must be given to grounding during installation to prevent it from acting as a large antenna picking up unwanted common-mode signals that significantly interfere with overall performance. Therefore, Unshielded Keystone Jacks stand out as a preferred option when contemplating 10GBASE-T cabling.

Why Component-Rated?

What does Component-Rated imply? It specifically indicates that the Keystone Jack itself complies with the strictest test limits for connecting hardware as defined by standards. The limits for permanent link are less strict, and those for the channel are even more relaxed. The rule is simple: the more connections lead to more signal loss. So, a jack needs to be Component-Rated to avoid failing the channel limit since up to four keystone jacks are permitted within a cabling.

Component-Rated jacks offer several advantages:

  1. Short links - You can avoid concerns about the minimum point-to-point cabling length (< 10 meters) typically required in data centers.
  2. Mix and match - Enjoy the flexibility to freely mix and match patch cords and cables from various suppliers to link up the cabling.
  3. More than 2 connections on the field - You'll have ample margins when establishing multi-connections in large-scale sites.