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Located in Taiwan since 1975, HSING CHAU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of wireless networking components for network installation and maintenance. Their main network infrastructure and connectivity solutions include, Patch Panels, keystone jacks, patch panels, patch cords, modular connectors, RJ45 couplers, wall outlets and faceplates, twisted pair cables, and USB couplers supporting advanced 802.3bt 100W 4PPoE, certified under IEC-60512-99-002, ideal for wholesale buyers who require the latest networking technology.

Enhance your network with HCI's world-class B2B solutions. Our U.S.-certified and patented Keystone Jacks, Patch Panels, and Patch Cords ensure superior quality. Ideal for global business buyers, our Taiwan-made RJ45 couplers and twisted pair cables offer unmatched reliability and performance for bulk purchases. HCI offers unmatched performance in networking hardware. Improve your business connectivity with our trusted, high-quality products.

HCI has been offering customers ETL certified patch panels since 1975, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, HCI ensures each customer's demands are met.

Patch Panels

IDC / Feedthrough

Patch Panels - Patch Panels
Patch Panels

Patch Panels are deployed in Equipment/Telecom Room for port distributions and future MOVE, ADD and CHANGE.

HCI BP24KHA series are connecting-hardware standard verified, and will guarantee excellent crosstalk cancelation when making interconnection in the telecommunication room. SP24ZM series provide Snap-in Keystone Type combination which also meet connecting-hardware standard.

Feed-through RJ-45 to RJ-45 type patch panels are getting more and more popular recently because they offer Plug-and-Play convenience when connecting to switches and routers. A common fact is Feed-Through panels downgrade the transmission performance in the whole cabling. Yes and No. YES – there is no component-rated Feed-through panel in the world because there’s no standard for it. NO – choosing a good Feed-Through panel SP482KICS would give you equivalent performance that supports all kinds of inter-connection or cross-connection you may possibly encounter on the sites.

HCI offers U.S. patented Patch Panels which comply with dimensional requirements of ANSI/TIA-1096-A (former FCC Part 68), EIA-310 specification for racks & panels and product reliability requirements of IEC 60603-7 for RJ45 8-way connector. Transmission performance is verified by Intertek’s ETL from the premium ISO/IEC 11801 Ed. 2.2 Cat 6a to ANSI/TIA 568.2-D Cat 6A. And the production quality is quarterly monitored and tested by Intertek’s ETL to retain the certificate validation.

Various options are available in:

Application: Shielded/Unshielded, Configured Modular Type/Snap-in Keystone Type
Connection Type: “RJ-45 to IDC” or “RJ-45 to RJ-45(Feed-through)”
Cabling Category: ISO-11801 Cat 6a, Cat 6A, Cat 6 and Cat 5e
Transmission Performance: Component-Rated or Channel-Compliant

Depends on different project requirements, you can freely choose the favorable ones to satisfy your actual needs.