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Located in Taiwan since 1975, HSING CHAU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of wireless networking components for network installation and maintenance. Their main network infrastructure and connectivity solutions include, Solutions, keystone jacks, patch panels, patch cords, modular connectors, RJ45 couplers, wall outlets and faceplates, twisted pair cables, and USB couplers supporting advanced 802.3bt 100W 4PPoE, certified under IEC-60512-99-002, ideal for wholesale buyers who require the latest networking technology.

Enhance your network with HCI's world-class B2B solutions. Our U.S.-certified and patented Keystone Jacks, Patch Panels, and Patch Cords ensure superior quality. Ideal for global business buyers, our Taiwan-made RJ45 couplers and twisted pair cables offer unmatched reliability and performance for bulk purchases. HCI offers unmatched performance in networking hardware. Improve your business connectivity with our trusted, high-quality products.

HCI has been offering customers ETL certified patch panels since 1975, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, HCI ensures each customer's demands are met.


ISO Cat 6a / TIA Cat 6A / Super Cat 6

What is Component-Rated?

The definition of Connecting Hardware - “A device providing mechanical cable terminations”. 

Connecting hardware refers to the components that facilitate the physical connection of network cable. That essentially delineates the scope to "Keystone Jacks" and "Patch Panels" due to their design incorporating RJ-45 jacks, which function as receptacles for Patch Cords, and IDC terminals, which are employed for cable termination. 

And, how do "connecting hardware" and "component-rated" relate to each other? "Component-Rated" is a commonly used industry terminology. A keystone jack or patch panel that meets the standard-specified connecting hardware requirements is eligible for Component-Rated performance. This ensures that the keystone jack or patch panel itself has the capability to provide the top-notch connections within a network or telecommunications infrastructure. 

Based on the differences in transmission performance, we have created a matrix chart to effectively distinguish and compare each of them:

By referring to the specifications of each project blueprint, you will discover the optimal solution that perfectly meets your requirements.

What is Cabling?

The definition of Cabling - “A combination of all cables, jumpers, cords and connecting hardware”.

The ISO-11801 and ANSI/TIA-568.2 standards do not provide any specific transmission limit for an RJ-45 female to RJ-45 female Inline Coupler. Nevertheless, in practical scenarios, the Couplers serve as a convenient method for enabling cross-connections between cable runs and equipments by utilizing patch cords in a Plug-N-Play manner. While a Coupler may appear advantageous, it is not without its flaws. The significant drawback of couplers is the degradation of the overall cabling performance caused by the inherent Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) in this RJ-45 to RJ-45 mechanism.

Is there a compromising solution to rectify it? We believe there is.

Our proposed solution is to utilize these couplers exclusively with Component-Rated products in the cabling. The superior performance of Component-Rated Keystone Jacks and Patch Panels compensates for the degradation caused by couplers.

In our Cabling Solution, you will discover the inclusion of Component-Rated products alongside Inline Couplers and Feed-Through Patch Panels, based on the aforementioned reasoning.

Each cabling system differs and is classed according to different transmission requirements. The integrated matrix chart illustrates how they diverge: