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C6A Shielded

10GBASE-T, 500MHz

C6A Shielded - Plug for Cat 6A S/FTP & F/UTP Cable
Plug for Cat 6A S/FTP & F/UTP Cable

As technology advances today, the demand for speed is driving the development of Cat 6A for contemporary physical layer installation to link PCs, Wi-Fi access points, and numerous IoT devices.

Patch cord is unquestionably the cabling system's weakest link because it connects two RJ-45 sockets in a short distance ranging from 0.5 meters to 10 meters.

Among all the transmission standards, “Cat 6A patch cord test limit” is by far the most stringent crosstalk limit for data patch cords. The very process of how the cable and plugs at two ends are assembled decides whether or not the Cat 6A channel has considerable margins.

The Cat 6A patch cord compliance is determined by the following two key factors:

  1. Workmanship – carefully keep the wires twisted, avoid overlapping one pair over the other, and have the exposed length shorter as possible. Each of these needs to be done well.
  2. The right plug – It is advised to use a multiple-piece plug. The "guide" aids in keeping the twist ratio and separating each pair. The “loading bar” is made to attach to the guide so each wire may be cut flush and securely seated. Using the “right plugs” is the first crucial step.

In this section, you may find a range of shielded Cat 6A modular plugs that is organized by different cable adaptability and multi-piece design for transmission considerations. The plug that best meets your demands will be easy for you to find. 

The plugs all share 50u" gold-plated contact blades, which provide conductivity against erosivity and durability for up to 1,000 mating cycles. The contact blades are made of 3-prong that enhances the competency of piercing the wires. And the housing is UL94V-0 rated flame-retardant to meet commercial building safety regulations. 

Designed and produced according to FCC part 68 and IEC 60603-7 standards. The precise mechanism ensures interoperability with any fixed connections available in the market. 

Standard – suits any 24AWG to 26AWG stranded cable. Cat 6A compatible assembly is facilitated by the multi-piece design.

Standard w/Hook – it features three-piece design with a “loading bar” and “windmill guide” included. External grounding hook at rear to securely enfold the grounding. Expert picks.

Snagless – “obstacle-free” smoothens the pulling while network management.

Pass Through w/Hook – an easy way to thread S/FTP 23AWG wires through with the rear grounding hook for encircling the cable braid. Dual advantages in a single design.

Small Conductor – specifically designed for ultra-slim cable.

Big Conductor – features bigger grooves to accept 23AWG cable with insulated conductors up to 1.40mm.

Big Conductor w/Hook – the 1.5mm grooves reach the maximum limit. Built-in grounding hook helps to tightly hold the shielding braids.