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40 Years Solutions | Keystone Jack and Patch Panel Supply | HCI

Located in Taiwan, HSING CHAU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1975, is a Solutions | Keystone Jack and Patch Panel Manufacturer in telecommunications industry with TL 9000 and ISO 9001:2015 quality management certifications.

Keystone jack and patch panel production, including in-House tooling, plastic injection machining, die-cast molding, metal stamping, automatic machining, laboratory testing, field testing and so forth.

HCI has entered a new milestone from producing modular telephone spare parts to network and telecommunications products, and product quality has earned good reputation throughout the world. HCI has been offering customers high-quality keystone jack and patch panel since 1975, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, HCI ensures each customer's demands are met.


By Application


HCI provides network cabling connectivity and multimedia solutions for enterprise, data center, and residential applications, backed by our innovation and reliable quality. From here you can find the right solution according to your ideal application.

  • Super Category 6 Series - Super Category 6 Series Keystone jack
    Super Category 6 Series
    RJ45 Connecting Hardware Unshielded Keystone Jack

    Super Category 6 Series Keystone jack provides an advanced performance and the most efficient choices to suit the demand in the future.Super Category 6 Series Keystone jack has been designed to exceed TIA/EIA specifications. The bandwidths of Category 6 up to 500MHz.

  • Cabling Security Parts - Cabling Security Parts
    Cabling Security Parts

    HCI provides a cost-effective way to secure the network infrastructure cabling ,which including secured block for KEYSTONE JACKS, PATCH PANEL and Duplex LC Security Cap & Boot, secured boot for plugs and security patch cords.LE Security Parts replaces the existing clip that currently comes with the fiber optic LC deplex connectors, eliminating compatibility issues with LC connectors & preventing costly inadvertent disconnects & decreasing downtime.With the Security Parts, the connectors will be secured– Simply, connect and lock. Staying true to fit, from and function, the secured lock can easily be installed in less than a minute.

  • Industrial Ethernet - Industrial Ethernet
    Industrial Ethernet

    The Industrial Ethernet Series provides you a solution to support multiple appl icat ions such as military networking, pharmaceutical laboratories or some units that are supposed to work under harsh environments where exposure to liquid or dust would likely occur.

  • Field Termination Plug - Field Plug
    Field Termination Plug
    Field Plug

    HCI Field Plug series is designed for termination of distribution cables and equipment cables connecting directly to such terminal and field devices where high-performance and reliable connections are required.HCI Field Plug series is a part of next-generation twisted-pair cabling specifications; it offers the bandwidth of Cat 6A to Cat 8.1 cabling. HCI Field Plug series also supports 25GBASE-T / 40GBASE-T applications for short distancesHCI Field Plug series is also equipped for termination of stranded or solid conductor cables.HCI Field Plug provides 2 different series including: Direct Attach Angle Adjustable UTP RJ45 Plug and Cat 6A Field Plug.HCI Field Plug Series is suitable for the PoE plus (IEEE 802.3at) applications, and its unique design provide More quickly and easy installation experience.

  • ISO/IEC Category 6A Series - ISO/IEC Category 6A Series
    ISO/IEC Category 6A Series

    HCI ISO/IEC Category 6A series are all meet the standard of ISO.ICE 11801 Ed. 2.2: Information technology- Generic cabling for customer premises.The performance difference between ISO/IEC and TIA component specification for the NEXT transmission parameter. At a frequency of 500 MHz, and ISO/IEC Category 6A connector performs 3dB better than a Category 6A connector that conforms with the TIA specification. 3dB equals 50% reduction of near-end crosstalk noise signal power.

  • PoE+/IoT - PoE+/IoT Series

    HCI ISO/IEC series are all meet the standard of IEC 60512-99-001 compliance ensures Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), allowed for the delivery of additional power via a single common power / data RJ45 connector-equipped Ethernet cable.PoE+ can be applied to IoT solution, with using to power and control many types of intelligent devices including LED lighting, IP security cameras and access controls, IP televisions and Wi-Fi access points.

  • U.S. TAA Compliant Series - U.S. TAA Compliant Series
    U.S. TAA Compliant Series

    HCI supplies products that are complied with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) in United States.For contractors in the United States, who supply products for GSA (General Services Administration) Schedules and other government contracts, those products must comply with the federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA).As a Structure Cabling System accessories manufacturer in Taiwan, HCI has numerous products which are made in Taiwan thus comply with TAA regulation and good for U.S. government GSA Schedule contracts.HCI specially selects a series of Taiwan-made high-performance Structure Cabling System accessories products including keystone jacks, patch panels, couplers, patch cords and wall plates as HCI's TAA Compliant series solution.For more made in Taiwan and TAA Compliant products from HCI, please contact us.