4in1 Network Cable Tester

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4in1 Network Cable Tester, Over 40 Years of Manufacturing and Supply - HCI

HSING CHAU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1975, is one of the prime 4in1 Network Cable Tester | cable connector manufacturers based in Taiwan.

RoHS compliant cable connectors designed with affordable prices. Plugs, cords and boxes of electrical accessories such as RJ45, patch panels, wall outlets, faceplates, keystone jacks, ec.

HCI has been offering customers high-quality cable connectors of electrical accessories since 1975, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, HCI ensures each customer's demands are met.

4in1 Network Cable Tester

50 Series

50 Series Cable Tester is an intelligent continuity tester for LAN cables, Phone cable, Coaxial cable and USB 3.0 cable. Open, short and miss wiring are also tested. It provides the operators an ease of use which keeps you from wasting time through complex manual.

4in1 Network Cable Tester


  • Easy to diagnose RJ45 Lan cable, Phone cable, BNC cable and USB 3.0 cables with present wiring schemes.
  • Easy to read status of each wire with LED display.
  • Auto and manual scan pin assignment to verify cable continuity, open, short and miss-wired.
  • Identify and trace the other ends ID using supplied remote kit with LED.
  • Test for shielded and Unshielded Keystone jack cable type.
  • Maximum testing cable length : 1,000 feets (The battery power is not low less than 7V).
  • Test pin configuration for 10/100 base-T cable, 10 base-2 cable, RJ45/RJ11 modular cable,AT&T 258A cable, EIA/TIA 568A/568B cable and Token Ring Cable, etc.
  • Ground wire test
  • LED Indicator for Power ON/OFF
  • BNC to RJ45 Adaptor lead included
  • RJ45 to RJ45 Adaptor lead included
  • Include travel pouch
Part No.
4 in 1 Lan Cable Tester for RJ45, RJ11, BNC, USB
ETL, 3P, UL Certification