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HCI - Keystone Jack and Patch Panel Manufacturer, Keystone Jack and Patch Panel Supplier.

Located in Taiwan since 1975, HSING CHAU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a telecommunications structured cabling system supplier in telecommunications industry, with TL 9000 and ISO 9001:2015 quality management certifications. Main products, including Keystone Jack, Patch Panel, Patch Cord, Modular Plug, RJ45 Coupler, Wall Outlet, Faceplate, Twisted-Pair, USB Coupler, etc.

HCI has entered a new milestone from producing modular telephone spare parts to network and telecommunications products, and product quality has earned good reputation throughout the world. The production, including in-House tooling, plastic injection machining, die-cast molding, metal stamping, automatic machining, laboratory testing, field testing and so forth.

HCI has been offering customers high-quality keystone jack and patch panel since 1975, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, HCI ensures each customer's demands are met.


HCI Keystone Jack Coupler Patch Panel Patent

Our Innovation

The primary competitive advantage of HCI products is that their performance are based on exclusive innovation. To protect this advantage, HCI owns a comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property rights covering its manufacturing process and product designs as well.

In more than 40 years, HCI has been granted with numerous patents by applications in different countries as below.


Title Patent Number
Electric shielding metal shell for a receptacle in a computer network system 5510574
Telephone plug module  5505638
Electric shielding metal shell receptacle having movable binding strips 5750923
Module plug having circuit board with mounting terminals 5905637
Jack dust cover D411984
Data transmission adapter  5957728
Video data transmission connector and transmission cable mounting arrangement 5947752
Electric jack 6157542
Electrical socket cover D421210
RCA data transmission connector and transmission cable mounting arrangement 6290508
Multimedia electric adapter 6213815
In-line coupler D481011
Suspended type cable fixing-up rack 6818834
Telecommunication connector 6739898
Video graphics accelerator card connector adapter 6711638
Electric outlet dust protective structure 6951469
Advanced patch panel 6939141
Modular communication jack with low assembling tolerance 7040933
Type of improved connecting socket 7288007
Jumper board 7278880
Telecommunication connector having a flexible circuit board wound across a support member and ends being bent into fixing plates coupled to two rows of terminals 8197261
Optical fiber adapter security, optical fiber connector security, and removal tool for use therewith 8873921
Tilted module for assembling network distribution device 8834199
HDMI audio-video signal switching device 8672714
Protection module for data transmission connector 8672694
Pin structure of modular jack 9391405
Pin structure of modular jack 9325117
Socket D753602
Protective module for data transmission port 9640896
Patch panel  9667004
Patch Panel Structure 9948033
Shielded keystone jack structure 9929480



Title Patent Number
Data Transmission Adapter GB2336947
Video Data Transmission Connector and Transmission Cable Mounting Arrangement GB2338352



Title Patent Number
Telephone Plug JP,3018066,U
Network Communication Modular Socket JP,3068494,U
Telecommunication Connector JP,3100029,U
Module Plug JP,3100424,U
Electric Outlet Dust Protective Structure JP,3106743,U
Panel and Bracket Structured of Patch Panel JP,3122236,U
High Density Modular Connector JP,3125446,U



Title Patent Number
Electric shielding metal shell for a receptacle in a computer network system G 94 05 156.9
Phone connector module G 94 18 990.0
Improved Structure of Electric Shielding Metal Shell 297 02 513.9
Data Transmission Adapter 298 07 762.0
Video Data Transmission Connector and Transmission Cable Mounting Arrangement 298 10 434.2
Module connector 298 04 543.5
RCA Data Transmission Connector and Transmission Cable Mounting Arrangement 200 10 378.4
Multimedia Electric Adapter 200 01 881.7
RJ45 module connector 201 17 317.4
Video Graphics Accelerator Card Connector Adapter  202 01 726.5
Module Plug 203 14 563.1
Telecommunication Connector 203 13 341.2
Modular Communication Jack With Low Assembling Tolerance 20 2005 007 951.0
Construction of an RJ45 socket to reduce the crosstalk 20 2005 001 178.9



Title Patent Number
Electric Shielding Metal Box FR2767444
Telephone Plug Module FR2734665
Connector for telecommunications FR2867905



Title Patent Number
模组式电话插头 ZL95224657.0
电脑网路插座的遮罩金属壳体的束线装置 ZL97250826.0
电脑通讯插座防尘保护套 ZL98204021.0
一种迷你资料传输插座的底座 ZL98204324.4
迷你资讯传输插座与资料传输线的连接器 ZL98224181.X
网路资讯插座 ZL99243153.0
RJ45资料传输插头转换成迷你资料传输插座的转换器 ZL99246451.X
将资讯插座转换成多媒体视声插座的转换器 ZL00201681.8
RJ45电讯插头改进结构 ZL01271202.7
VGA卡连接器的转换接头 ZL02204391.8
网路通讯插座 ZL03204893.9
电讯插头结构 ZL03237701.0
连接座 ZL200620000478.5
可三向进出缆线的信息插座 ZL201920581529.5


Title Patent Number
模組式電話插頭之改良 082187
電腦網路插座之屏蔽金屬殼體的束線結構(二) 090315
模組式電話插頭之改良 107539
迷你資料傳輸插座之連結座 149060
電腦通訊插座防塵保護套 149586
模組式電訊插頭 149861
迷你資料傳輸插座與資料傳輸線之連結器 160606
第十三類 家庭電器用器 電腦通訊插座防塵保護套 068582
網路資訊插座之改良 166387
RJ45資料傳輸插頭轉換成迷你資料傳輸插座之轉換器 171481
將資訊插座轉換成多媒體視聲插座之轉換器 171850
第十三類 家庭電器用品 資訊插座之卡合式塑膠支架 073723
影像、聲音資料傳輸插座與資料傳輸線之連結器 177871
電訊網路插座改良(二) 116367
RJ45電訊插頭結構改良 199318
VGA-CARD 連接器之轉換接頭 199318
網路通訊插座 M245660
影像、聲音傳輸連接器 M242917
易整線及低串音的跳接面板 M242868
插座之防塵裝置 M260028
懸掛式理線架構造改良 M254866
通訊插座之理線結構 M270561
低組裝公差通訊插座 M274680
網路連接器結構改良 M283394
跳線板之面板與支架組裝結構改良 M262956
通用型外接盒之結構改良 M285803
改良式連結座 M292830
高密度模組式連接器 M302804
網路電話集線裝置及相關系統 I276263
POE末端供電指示網路插座 M312847
電信連接器 M391218
易組裝式網路配線裝置 M383214
用於組合網路配線裝置之傾斜式模組 M417687
HDMI 影音訊號轉接裝置 M436261
資料傳輸接頭用之保護模組 M436251
連接座 M459581
光纖插座防護體與光纖插頭組防護體及其移除工具 M445189
資料傳輸插接埠之保護組 M521278
連接器插座的接腳結構 I548161
資料傳輸插接埠之保護模組 I592826
可三向進出纜線的資訊插座 M581782